2 times a day, everyday

The morning session classes will be invigorating and challenging while the evening classes will be more focused on restoring the body after a day full of experience. 

The style of yoga taught is influenced heavily by the Ashtanga  yoga system but not exclusive to. We will look at alignment principles and variations dependent on the individual's needs. We create a space for each person to seek out what is best for themselves.

During the evening sessions, we will use our practice to unwind from the day. We will teach a blend of restorative and Yin principles that perfectly compliment each other.



Morning Meditation

once a day  • 30 MINUTES

Every morning there will be a short meditation on the breath to help us feel grounded and connected to ourselves.  We will open our hearts and clear our minds in order to get ourselves in the perfect heart space to cultivate restoration of the self and selfless action.